All About Michelangelo

TL;DR: Designer. M.F.A. Graduate from MICA. Native New Yorker. Former Fordham Ram.

glamour shot

I like to say that design is my religion. This might conjure images of me uttering “god will punish you for your kerning,” but don't be alarmed — I also just like a dramatic entrance.

I love design. I love design as a noun, a concept, an ideal. I love design as a verb, an action, an activity. Theory? Thank you. Practice? Please. For me, design is more than a vocation, it's a big part of my identity and I love the process of shepherding something new into existence.

But I'm not a zealot, I also love a laugh. I find the most success with a recipe that is equal parts tenacity and levity. My approach is simple: work hard, listen and advocate, take everything with good humor, and try to accomplish what design can do, rather than romanticizing what design could do.

What's included in the box?

I’ve made a lot of things: products, features, systems, books, brands and some garbage here and there. As my catalogue grows in depth and width, I see patterns in how I work. Obviously, I do it all. But here are a few areas of aptitude I gravitate towards:

System Design

I alway seek to understand a problem or project within a framework or ecosystem. Whether an actual system or something that operates like one, I look for the physics that govern each mini-universe.

Visual Design

I love to look — seeing sparks curiosity for me. So visual language, what lines and shapes communicate when they are in concert is infinitely fascinating to me. This has helped me develop expertise in seeing intended and alternative interpretations, and helping to close that gap.

Enterprise Tools

One simple definition of design is: making for others. Enterprise software is another flavor of that: making for others to make. I like the challenge of enabling others and collaborating with them as they create.


Presenting work, articulating choices, selling a vision, these are exciting activities for me. And whether the goal of showcasing work is alignment, communicating, or even inspiring, I find it a useful tool and genuinely enjoy it.