Perry & Park

File Under: Product Design, UX, UI, Branding.

This project was an exercise in product and interface design thinking. Perry & Park, a fictional clothing app, wanted a new user-facing crowd-sourcing feature to generate and collect opinion data regarding first impressions and assumed values on articles of clothing. The categories that could be chosen were controlled by P&P as were the price levels, which ranged from $ to $$$$. The feature was intended to get quick opinions and thus simplicity for the user was key. I began this project thinking through screens and interactions with wireframes. I then went and revised and refined some of that down, ultimately coming to a final solution to go forward with for the full visual design.

User Flow: First Draft

My first attempt at the user flow for this process was straight-forward. I thought of all the elements I’d need to account for and each interaction that would need to occur. There’d need to be an image of the product to review it and the user would need to pick the price and then the category. I picked the order of price and then category because I felt picking a price helps informs the adjective one might pick.

User Flow: Second Draft

In the second iteration I felt I could revise and simplify. It seemed unnecessary to go to another page to pick the category and then come back, so I decided that a similar solution to the price buttons could be implemented for the categories, thus eliminated screens and streamlining the process. This was the user flow that I mocked up and prototyped.

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