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Another series created for a story while interning at Matter. The story details the enormous swirling gyres sitting in each of our oceans, where all our human garbage collects breaking down and getting into our drinking water and food. To begin, I created a world map to show the locations of the 5 gyres. The tone of the article is fairly dark so I wanted a map that reflected that ominous tone. The infographics that I designed thereafter are meant to keep that stark, dystopian feel, each concerning a facet of this horrible yet widely unknown side effect of consumption.

Read the story here.

map of ocean currents
the new plastic food chain

Both the editorial team and the art director, Erich Nagler, knew they wanted a production of plastic chart as a sidebar to the piece, but were mostly open to suggestions beyond. When I read the piece the new food chain described stuck out to me and I felt it would be really digestible as an infographic.

would you like a shorter penis with that plastic bag

The other sidebar was made by collecting some of the facts and figures related to ingesting plastic that were noted during the article. There were parts that, I felt, required some visual aid references — like what 2 centimeters looks like…