Brooklyn Flea

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Brooklyn Flea is flea market that occurs in Brooklyn. It's vastly popular, with over 100 vendors coming each week. They did not have a really strong brand presence or visual identity, so I imagined them making good use of a mark on price tags and vendor signage as well as some marketing material. This was an exciting project because it allowed me to really get into questions about what a brand is and how it functions. This was also a unique challenge because it would have to be an identity that encompassed other identities and visual language.


When I first approached the idea of a flea, one concept that I circled around a lot was using some kind of collection of things (typefaces, symbols) in mimicry of how a flea market operates. But upon further consideration, I realized that a flea market inevitable brings cacophony with it, no matter how well curated it is. In order to avoid visual chaos I decided a clean but bold mark would help tie together many disparate elements and sit as a nice counterpoint to the collection of objects that the Brooklyn Flea represents.

Flea Formation

Another idea I was interested in was to use the different stores and vendors as part of the Flea. Perhaps if not the actual brand, they could be shepherded into the visual language in some capacity. The first iteration of this idea began as a map, but ultimately reworked itself into a typographic piece as an additional piece to the identity that could be applied to bags or ads.


The Brooklyn Flea relied largely on word-of-mouth to attract customers, but I wanted to explore applying the identity to advertisements. Pairing the new brand with a carefully curated collection of objects and some clever copywriting, the posters feel really fresh and exciting.