The $124,421 Man

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While interning for Matter, I was asked by the art director to read the copy for an article we would be publishing and pitch him a few ideas for infographics that we could include. The story is about a (sort of) recent grad who was able to pay off his student debt. I came up with a timeline of his mounting and then decreasing debt as well as some pie charts to show different “views” of his loans. Later we added a sidebar about national statistics and then a humorous look at his privilege.

Read the article here.

pie chart
pie chart
pie chart

This was one of my first projects at Matter, and, because we were an online publication, it was important that everything be mobile friendly and my design decisions had to really take that into consideration. I had originally envisioned the timeline like most timelines: being designed and read from left to right. But on a phone that wouldn’t work, so I shifted it to be top down. I also really enjoyed exploring the higher saturation and brightness of the onscreen spectrum for my color choices.

privledge chart
student stats